Leupold LTO Tracker 2 Thermal Monocular Review

This is a thorough review of the Leupold LTO Tracker!

No matter what time of day or night you’re hunting, this thermal monocular can show you your game’s heat signatures from 600 yards away. Its small size and light weight make it easy to carry in your pocket. As a result, it’s ideal for nature lovers. The battery drains quickly, but you can charge it on the go with a battery bank.

In this review, we’ll go over all of the features, specifications, and sizes that are available.

Leupold LTO Tracker review
Leupold LTO 2 Tracker

Overview of the Leupold LTO 2 Tracker

Before we begin, you should be aware that the Leupold LTO 2 and LTO 2 HD models have been discontinued by the manufacturer. However, you should not be concerned because you can still purchase these from various online stores. If this is a deal breaker for you, you can find a list of alternatives at the bottom of this review.

With increased temperature sensitivity, the Leupold Tracker produces clear thermal images. It can easily pick up heat signatures 600 yards away thanks to the 206156 thermal sensor, which is enough to spot the game in the dark.

monocular leupold lto tracker

The Leupold LTO is designed for hunters and wildlife enthusiasts who enjoy tracking tracks for observation. You can also use it to keep an eye on intruders and spot them without waking them up in the dark.

The Leupold LTO 2 Tracker monocular, like the rest of the brand’s products, is made in Beaverton, Oregon. As a result, you’ll get uncompromised viewing quality made in the United States. When we consider the features of this thermal monocular, the price is justified.

The Leupold Thermal Tracker comes in two sizes, both of which are adequate for this application.

LTO-Tracker 2 by Leupold

LTO-Tracker 2 HD by Leupold

Because the HD version is three times more expensive, we’ll be focusing our review on the LTO Tracker 2 monocular. The following two sections will compare and contrast some features that are common in both sizes. However, in the following sections, we will go over the specific features of both sizes.

LTO 2 vs. LTO 2 HD from Leupold

The Leupold thermal monoculars come in two sizes that are both compact and lightweight, making them easy to carry around. You can use them to track games and blood trails at any time of day or night.

monocular leupold lto tracker

The detection range of the Tracker 2 is up to 600 yards, which is ideal for hunting, surveillance, or detecting a racoon in the attic. LTO 2 HD, on the other hand, is more powerful and has a detection range of 700 yards. The extended range can be used to locate a lost hiker at night.

The LTO 2 HD consumes the battery more quickly due to its increased power. The LTO Tracker 2 monocular can be used for up to 10 hours on a single charge, whereas the HD size can only be used for three.

It means you can’t go as far in the backcountry with the LTO Tracker 2 as you can with the LTO 2. You can carry a battery bank with you to recharge your device while you’re out and about. A lens and eyepiece cap are also included with the HD model.

Optical efficiency

The overall optical performance of the LTO Tracker 2 thermal monocular is excellent. It’s so accurate that you can tell the difference between a racoon and a bear from 600 yards away. With clear thermal images, you can use it both during the day and at night.

Leupold LTO Tracker review

This Leupold LTO thermal imager has a 1.2-inch round AMOLED display that can display full-screen thermal images in 240×204 resolution with clarity.

Although a higher resolution would yield better results, this resolution is adequate for tracking the game in the dark. The details are sharp, and any heat signatures or blood trails can be easily found in any terrain.

With a single button press, two boxes appear on the screen, one in red and one in blue, to indicate the hottest and coolest spots on the screen.

It also has a dimmable display that allows you to adjust the brightness depending on the lighting conditions in your environment. It means you can easily adjust the brightness of the screen to spot your game during a nighttime hunt.

Temperature tolerance

No matter how dark it is, the Leupold LTO 2 monocular gives you better results with higher temperature sensitivity. Counting bats in a cave where your flashlights may fade is a breeze with this method.

In mines, caves, or tunnels with no light, infrared thermal technology works well. In the dark, you can see the walls thanks to its 240×204 display. This isn’t going to be huge, but it’ll do the job of detecting heat signatures and looking down-tube in underground caves.

The Thermal Tracker monocular has a 30 Hz frame rate, so you won’t miss any details, even if the target is moving.

9Hz is all you need if you want to use this thermal tracker to explore the outdoors or just have fun with it. When it comes to hunting or contract shooting, however, a frequency of 30Hz or higher is recommended.

The user interface (UI)

This Leupold thermal scope’s overall user interface is fairly simple to use. And all of the necessary information is available at a glance. To reduce eye strain, there are six different colour palettes to choose from based on the surrounding conditions, which is better than a Leupold night vision scope.

The monocular has a Beacon Mode that allows you to quickly calibrate your screen for better detection in hotter environments. Any Leupold night vision device does not have this feature.

With the Beacon threshold, you’ll get a grayscale screen in this mode. A warmer spot will be displayed in Hi-Bright mode as soon as it is detected. The warmest part of the landscape will be indicated by a small red box on the screen.

Grip and body

The Leupold LTO 2 Tracker has a small footprint. It’s small enough to fit in your pocket. This monocular is made of lightweight but durable aluminium by Leupold. It provides toughness and durability regardless of terrain impact.

Because of the mist and waterproof technology that Leupold has used with advanced gassing and sealing techniques, this Leupold thermal viewer can handle moisture and fog quite well.

This Leupold thermal optic can withstand harsh environments and extreme temperatures while still displaying thermal images.

Additional features and functions

In the Hi colour palettes, this monocular has manual gain control. This setting allows you to adjust the brightness based on the current lighting conditions in order to focus washed-out objects in the dark.

For more details and a cleaner shot, magnify the image 7 times. The digital zoom can be accessed by pressing the centre button and cycling through 1.0, 1.7x, 3x, 5x, and 7x. Because the thermal sensor is fixed at 76,800 pixels, the image doesn’t fall apart until it’s magnified three times.

It also has a long-lasting CR123 battery that can last up to 10 hours or all day.

Model sizes for the Leupold LTO Tracker

leupold lto tracker monocular review

There are two sizes available, with the LTO-Tracker 2 being the most popular due to its longer battery life and lower price.

The table below gives you a detailed breakdown of both the sizes available in this model.

LTO-Tracker 2 is a new version of the LTO-Tracker.

HD LTO-Tracker

Detector IR VOx IR Microbolometer VOx IR Microbolometer VOx IR Microbolometer VOx IR Microbolometer VOx

Resolution 206×156 320×240

Display 240×204 390×390

30 Hz 25 Hz frame rate

Viewing angle

The temperature is 14 degrees.

The temperature is 18 degrees.

Range of detection: 600 yards to 700 yards


3 hours 10 hours

5.5′′ x 1.75′′ x 1.75′′ Dimensions (LxWxH)

5.5′′ x 1.75′′ x 1.75′′

7 oz, 7 oz, 7 oz, 7 oz, 7 oz,

Thermal monocular Leupold LTO-Tracker 2

After reading the Leupold LTO Tracker 2 review, I found it to be more useful than the HD model because the features are nearly identical. The detection range of this monocular is up to 600 yards. It can easily detect a deer from a distance of 250 yards and provide you with clear images in any weather.

You can also magnify your target up to 7x for more details, and you can assess your target’s surroundings better with 14 degrees of angular FoV.

Because of its lightweight body, the Leupold LTO-Tracker 2 Thermal Imaging Monocular is better suited for longer sessions. It also includes a CR123 battery that can last up to ten hours.

As a result, after a short time, you won’t have to keep charging it. The Leupold LTO Tracker is an excellent choice for on-the-go hunters who want to up the ante on precision.

Price at Optics Planet

Price on Amazon.com

Thermal monocular Leupold LTO-Tracker 2 HD

leupold lto tracker monocular review

In my Leupold LTO tracker HD review, I stated that it has a lot of punch. A powerful thermal sensor is included with the Leupold LTO Tracker HD. It will give you a lot of useful information about your game and its surroundings.

This device is ideal for ambush hunters who don’t like to move around too much during their hunt. Because the Leupold LTO Tracker 2 HD provides exceptional sharpness in dark pitch conditions, it will also work well for surveillance and finding a lost hiker.

The Leupold LTO-Tracker 2 HD Thermal Imaging Monocular, on the other hand, doesn’t have a long battery life, lasting only 3 hours on a full charge. If you’re chasing your game, this can be a significant disadvantage.

Price on Amazon.com

Warranty from Leupold

Leupold stands behind its products and offers a lifetime warranty to its customers, with no requirement for proof of ownership and no time limit. All of the electronics in Leupold’s products are also covered by a 2-year warranty.

This warranty covers any issues relating to the products’ materials or workmanship. However, it does not cover loss, theft, or any cosmetic alteration or damage to the device that causes it to stop working.

The only issue I discovered after reviewing the LTO-tracker Leupold is that imaging becomes slightly blurry at high magnification (7x). And it’ll stand out even more when the lighting isn’t ideal. It works best around 3x, but after that it becomes blurry.

If you want a better result at high magnification, the HD size is the way to go. Low battery life, on the other hand, is a problem with HD models. Because the Beacon mode depletes the battery quickly, you can disable it to save power. You can also charge it on the go with a battery bank.

What’s in the box of Thermal monocular Leupold Tracker LTO 2 ?

leupold lto tracker monocular review

a case for transport

a strap around the neck

Leupold provides a lifetime warranty.

Electronics have a two-year warranty.

Because it’s a thermal monocular, Leupold could have included an eyepiece cap and a lens cap that’s only available in the LTO-Tracker 2 HD size. As a result, you’ll have to purchase them separately. Everything else is fine here!

User feedback on the Leupold LTO Tracker

The user rating for the Leupold LTO Tracker 2 is 4.0, which isn’t bad at all.

Users have expressed dissatisfaction with the monocular’s price tag, but not with its overall performance in the field. Some people have also mentioned that as the magnification of these monoculars increases, they become blurry.

However, the vast majority have praised it for its excellent low-light performance and various colour palettes to alleviate eye strain.


Leupold LTO Tracker Alternatives

leupold lto tracker monocular review

Since the manufacturer has stopped producing them, I’ve put together a list of alternatives for you to consider.

Scout III from FLIR Systems

This thermal night vision monocular is built for serious hunters and surveillance purposes, with a thermal resolution of 640320 and an angular FoV of 18 degrees. It can detect heat signatures from up to 1247 yards away and is completely waterproof and fog-proof.

Scout TK Mini Thermal Monocular by FLIR Systems

Scout TK is the right option if you’re looking for a budget-friendly option. This device can produce sharp images and ensure a wide angular FoV thanks to its 640×480 display resolution. The detection range of this device is 100 yards.

XM30 Pulsar Axion Key

Another thermal monocular with a rangefinder is available here. It has a resolution of 960×720 pixels and can deliver excellent image detail. It has a 7.3-degree angular field of view and a 14-millimeter eye relief.

Our conclusion of Leupold LTO Tracker

leupold lto tracker monocular review

Overall, I believe the Leupold Tracker LTO 2 thermal monocular is an excellent choice for anyone who enjoys night hunting. It can detect thermal signatures from afar and has a variety of colour palettes to reduce eye strain in various lighting conditions.

Its battery can comfortably last an entire day. Because of its lower price and better battery timing for hunters on the go, the LTO 2 is the most popular size.

You will not be able to purchase this product directly from Leupold because it has been discontinued. Authorized dealers and retailers, on the other hand, sell it both in-store and online.