About Us

Welcome to Optic Patrol, a site dedicated to assisting consumers in finding, connecting with, and shopping with Optic brands that care.

Because the direct-to-consumer market is booming with new Optic brands, there isn’t a central hub dedicated solely to promoting them.

We set out to create the go-to place where people could discover emerging brands, read in-depth Optic product reviews, and shop bestselling products—all in one place—at the start of 2021.

Our goal is to assist you in making better shopping decisions.

With an increasing number of brands launching online, as well as fake reviews and paid influencers, consumers are finding it more difficult than ever to know who to trust and shop with.

Our goal is to assist you in making more informed purchasing decisions with brands that value their customers.

This is accomplished by writing unbiased reviews of brands and their products, as well as making it simple for anyone to share their experience with the rest of our community.

Optic Patrol is intended to be a reliable source for learning about online brands and getting the unbiased truth about them.

Discover and Connect With Caring Optic Brands

It’s becoming increasingly difficult for founders to communicate quality and what sets their brand apart from the competition.

Optic Patrol aims to bridge the gap between business and consumer by providing a clear path through the plethora of options available to buyers.

We want to make it simple for consumers to navigate the world of online shopping by creating a platform that connects them with brands that care.

Our Evaluation Methodology

We spend hours researching products and customer experiences in order to provide you with a more in-depth understanding of brands – often things that brands try to keep hidden from you.

Optic Brands can’t pay to influence or change our opinions. Our editorial team conducts research, writes reviews, and publishes them. All of our suggestions are natural and reflect our team’s viewpoints.

We pledge to do our best to provide you with relevant, accurate, and helpful online shopping reviews. Our goal is to help you save time by providing the most up-to-date information.


We see ourselves as a community of buyers who want to help one another, and as a result, we’ve made it simple for anyone to share their experience.

You can get unbiased information from our community by leaving a review, asking a question, or sharing their experience.

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